How Do You Innovate Digital Marketing Operations When Leadership Wants to Abandon it as a Viable Lead and Demand Generation Channel?


New Marketing & Attribution Model

Audited existing channels and invalidated attribution model; redesigned full-funnel content marketing model, journey, and attribution.

16x ROI

CNTRD’s partner, SteadyRain, developed a media plan based on CNTRD’s model and drove 16x ROI on attributable sales.

Redefined Buyer Personas

CNTRD evolved BigWideSky’s buyer persona into behavioral attributes of potential digital buyers and then mapped needs for the new content marketing model.

Challenge & Opportunity

CNTRD was contracted by BigWideSky to audit Woodard, a $2B regional retailer of commercial and home care services and products. Woodard’s struggling digital marketing program lacked a full-funnel content marketing program, digital lead, and conversion program.

This program also lacked a useful attribution and analytics model. The program’s current state was at a point where executives heavily considered abandoning digital marketing. And rightfully so, given the evidence they had. 

CNTRD first assessed any viable options to innovate the company’s reliance on home mailers and low-impact media. We identified two paths to innovation: attribution analytics and sequential content marketing, which targets potential buyers based on behavioral indicators of likeliness to buy. 

We redesigned the digital marketing operating model using a “prototyping” approach, which focused on one vertical with two audiences and six products. We mapped brand/creative strategy to an audience and from audience to service-products, media, content, remarketing, and analytics. 

CNTRD contracted SteadyRain to execute the new marketing model prototype. We collaborated to optimize content-audience-targeting and media spend in order to limit waste, drive attributable sales, and validate the utility of digital marketing. Attribution was digitally and manually tracked by SteadyRain and BigWideSky to tie marketing activities to final sale conversions.