Case Studies

Why are systems so difficult to nudge or change?

Why are systems so difficult to nudge or change?

We are all about being fast, engaged, and scientific.

Selected Clients

CNTRD is a systems design consultancy that specializes in the planning, design, and management of custom innovation accelerators to help for-profit and non-profit organizations make big and small changes. Through CNTRD’s consortium network, clients gains access to hand-picked talent from disciplines geared towards the current challenge. No fluff: high impact, high value.

For our clients, CNTRD is focused on identifying inputs and generating outputs at a systems level. We guide our clients by combing decision science with traditional design thinking to narrow options and anticipate unforeseen outcomes. The CNTRD’s process is systematic, fast, flexible, and iterative.

What We Do

Macro Systems

Complex organizational, economic, strategic innovation.

Micro Systems

Small business, product or service innovation.

Regenerative Systems

Social, environmental and community innovation.