Services and Methods

What kind of problem are you trying to solve?

Evidence Based. Artistically Inclined. Ethically Minded.

Evidence Based, Artistically Inclined, Ethically Minded Process and Services

CNTRD is atypical consulting. We are lean by design, network-based, and rigor-obsessed. Executives bring us their sticky problems that require a system-level approach. They can expect a speedy multidisciplinary approach that carefully considers how potential solutions could impact the system. 

We live by the scientific methodology, find comfort in adaptation, and privilege wild imagination. Through our tested consortium model, executives leave CNTRD engagements with system-wide solutions, relationships, and models to achieve an edge.

Methodological Framework

CNTRD designs custom methodological frameworks based on business conditions. Our framework blends design principles (human-centered design, design thinking, and FBS) with business science (strategic foresight, strategy science, and innovation science). 


We use this novel and inclusive approach to diagnose and solve nuanced business problems where many options exist and there’s “no one right answer.” 

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