How Do We Expand Our Influence in the Corporate World?


Diversified Revenue

Prototyped a new social venture that decreased dependency on grants and donations and increased sustainability.

Developed YWCA’s First Social Enterprise

Following a rapid prototyping phase CNTRD helped plan, design and test YWCA’s first social enterprise.

Increase capability and competency with Impact

Through prototyping and lean design of a social enterprise, YWCA developed a new system for delivering on its social impact mission.

Challenge & Opportunity

The project is currently in active development. We cannot disclose all the details of the work and impact. The social enterprise is about to enter the piloting phase and feasibility study.

We can disclose that CNTRD is grateful to work with amazing leadership that pioneered the development of YWCA’s first ever social enterprise intervening in systemic racism. After one week of rapid prototyping and unanimous Board approval, YWCA re-contracted CNTRD to move forward with beta designing and testing the social enterprise prototype. 

We cannot disclose more than this YWCA, CNTRD, and the CNTRD innovation ecosystem (experts from MIT, WashU, Carnegie Mellon, Creative Reaction Lab, and Theory of Enchantment) developed an intervention that focuses on collaboration and strategic decision making to help organizations increase cultural competency in systemic racism.