What Would It Take to Build a World-Class Website?


Focused Strategy

Through the use of OCAI assessment, we are able to realign the management team on strategy.  

Comprehensive Options

Instead of presenting one right solution, CNTRD along with the client generated 4 solutions with different strategic emphasis.

Diverse Expertise

The client had access to diverse experts related to digital transformation including data, marketing, digital transformation, design, futures, and economics.

Challenge & Opportunity

The client is a 100+ year-old supply chain distributor and has been profitable for a long time. However, because of the success, the supply chain company did not need to integrate the gradual digital transformation that has taken place in the last twenty years.

Recently, the supply chain company tried to enter into digital transformation but without success. Millions of dollars were spent. The result is a website that is inferior in the market. 


Enter CNTRD. The CNTRD Consortium has experts in data, marketing, digital transformation, design, futures, and economics. They together with the client engaged in several high-impact sprints that eventually resulted in four options for the client. Instead of presenting one single answer, the CNTRD consortium summarised the potential futures for the client to compare. The options are enabling instead of restrictive as all of the logic, understanding, and flow passes through the minds of the client’s leadership.


The project is done with a high degree of rigor relative to the progress and cost of the project. The client is given multiple levels of root cause analysis, scenario planning, financial modeling, and strategy design. In the root cause analysis, CNTRD took the client’s leadership through a series of questions that led to a more targeted strategic question: “How can the client create sustained competitive advantage through digital transformation?” After the question is nailed down, the client is taken through a state-of-the-art futures workshop and strategic growth analysis that narrowed potential possible action to answer the root-cause question. The trade-off of each option is then analyzed through financial modeling including multiple expert opinions and Monte-Carlo simulation on cost, time, and returns. 


Ending with a large amount of information and decision points, the client ended with 3 documents each with a different level of detail about the potential options and recommendations of the project.