We Acquired a New Company and They are Not Growing as Projected. What Are Our Options?


Brand Economics

Built data model on brand value to guide brand innovation recommendations and investments.

Increased Revenue

Identified new markets; defined new segment worth $600k-$1.5m annual revenue per segment.

Analytics & Optimization

During a three-week design sprint, we developed a few theories on product “performance” and content “ROI,” and delivered 16 tools to validate/invalidate the theories.

Challenge & Opportunity

After CNTRD successfully helped develop and launch a new product brand for Gateway Blend, the CEO approached CNTRD to work with the product team of Cinemablend.

We were asked by Gateway leadership to “Figure out what’s going on with the decease of ‘time on site.’”

We engaged in an intensive diagnostic phase developing tools for measurement, user research, and competitive analysis—all based on assumptions about the problem. We processed almost 3,000 surveys, conducted stakeholder interviews, audited the editorial supply chain, profiled the management, and conducted market and competitive analysis. While CNTRD handled qualitative research, and data aggregation, our digital marketing partner (SteadyRain) conducted technical audits, content audits, content consumption patterns, and media audits. After a few weeks of intense research, CNTRD emerged with a theory on the problem and root cause. We reframed the project around a more specific behavioral economic problem and then innovated from there.

Within four weeks, CNTRD delivered an updated brand strategy, visual system updates, new analytics model, reorganized editorial ideation process, and multiple new audience targets and revenue streams. Cinemablend leadership concluded the engagement by implementing all components of the system-based innovation program.