Getting a Product Out of the Development Pipeline and Into the Market


Speed to Market

Six weeks to redesign, reposition, and launch.

New Brand System

After 12+ months of debate, CNTRD aligned leadership in Three Days.

Diversified Revenue Streams

Increased addressable market using advanced segmentation techniques that aligned user needs with product features.

Challenge & Opportunity

CNTRD was introduced to Gateway Blend CEO for “marketing and brand innovation” inquiries. Our first conversation together revealed the root problem and opportunity: Gateway Blend needs to diversify its revenue. CNTRD was given its first objective: getting a product unstuck from the product pipeline. TravelAwaits was born.

TravelAwaits is now a digital media property brand owned by the media holding company Gateway Blend. At the time of engagement, TravelAwaits was only an idea being debated in the corporate C-Suite. Gateway approached CNTRD to help get their concept for a travel media site into the market ASAP. Gateway leaders had been locked in a year-long debate over the website’s strategic portfolio position and market fit. 


In less than 6 weeks and with 60 hours of work, CNTRD analyzed survey data, conducted HCD focus groups, designed a double-sided market model, modified the service supply chain, switched content models, and repositioned the brand. CNTRD delivered strategic options for product, purpose, strategy, brand, and market fit. Leadership invited CNTRD to onboard a new product team to the strategy, train them on the approach, conduct a final brand workshop, and launch the product. 


CNTRD combined design thinking, service design, and supply chain design with the Brand DNA framework. We created a business product with brand strategy recommendations that Gateway Blends executed. Their internal team used CNTRD findings to develop the new logo, website, site content, and editorial model. The product has been in the market for two years and is now the second-highest-grossing product in its $60m+ revenue company.