How Do We Innovate Our Marketing Operations Model to Increase Our Department’s Capabilities and Competencies?


Sales / Marketing Integration

Designed new lead generation marketing model, led score and marketing/sales data attribution process, and trained CMO and leadership team.

Strategic Alignment

Facilitated workshops on firm, brand, and marketing/sales alignment. Consulted on strategic positioning, value proposition, and market signals.

Marketing Innovation

Designed a new digital marketing lead generation model and trained senior management. Developed and trained staff on a 90-day innovation process to update marketing and sales value chain interactions.

Challenge & Opportunity

The incoming CMO of TECSYS wanted to innovate their legacy marketing operations and strategy, which is used to market and sell their complex portfolio of tech products (collectively generating $100m+ in revenue). Their goal was to get their stalled brand update completed in tandem with an operational update.

Because a Big 4 consultancy was unable to develop an adequate strategy, TECSYS gave the project to BigWideSky, who contracted CNTRD for marketing operations design and strategy support. This high-impact project had extreme constraints. CNTRD had four weeks to solve the problem of a complex marketing/sales issue: lead generation, data integration, and attributable marketing ROI were in their infancy.

The units and teams needed support to usher them into the next phase of growth where marketing attribution linked leads to sales, shifting the unit from a siloed cost center to an integrated (marketing/sales) revenue center. Within four weeks, CNTRD researched and designed two marketing model options that included media impact models, vendor management recommendations, and organizational design principles. In collaboration with TECSYS’s leadership, we held a strategy session to address brand (led by BigWideSky) and marketing innovation (led by CNTRD).

With only five days on-site, we spent three days with leadership aligning brand, product, and marketing strategy with executive growth strategy, and the last two days CNTRD trained and on-boarded managers to the new marketing/sales supply chain: data collection, measurement, media planning, and decision making. In the end, CNTRD helped produce a 90-Day Innovation Plan, which now guides the implementation and adjustment of the new marketing/sales supply chain activities.

The firm has experienced 37% growth since the close of our work. However, the firm was unable to implement an attribution model to properly attribute strategic changes to economic value add. We do not fully understand the economic implications of the strategic changes. However, executive managers and their teams have reported a much clearer understanding of their growth strategy, brand identity, marketing model, and sales pipeline. In addition, both marketing and sales have reported efficiencies in demand and lead generation.