How Do I Innovate and Grow in a Changing World?


Rediscovered Competitive Advantage

Refocused the firm on points of differentiation and core skills using tangible evidence.

Anticipated the Crisis

Through scenario planning, the team was prepared to face business challenges before the pandemic’s lockdown.

Projected 2.5X Return

We capitalized on current resources to avoid large structural changes.

Challenge & Opportunity

After fantastic growth from their launch in 2018, Stock Legal recognized the firm was primed for scale and expansion. This meant the firm had to expand beyond its current constraints. Instead of cost-cutting, the CEO opted for a more creative approach by investing in strategy design and innovation support to identify new markets and increase lead generation beyond the c-suite. 

After an unsuccessful, year-long, multi-vendor search for strategy and innovation support, the Founder and CEO of Stock Legal approached CNTRD. Stock Legal is a boutique firm specializing in business law, estate law, and legal strategy. In Q3 of 2019, CNTRD received a complicated strategy problem regarding resource management, core competency, and long term growth.

CNTRD took Stock Legal’s leadership team through resource mapping (RBV), value driver assessment, market analysis, and organizational design audit. Taking Stock Legal’s key assumptions about a strategic pivot seriously, we sought to validate the assumption. Through research and innovation experiments, Stock Legal’s leadership was convinced that their assumptions had some gaps that required fixing. CNTRD took the legal team through a series of simulations, which resulted in creating contingency plans for changes in market dynamics and economic uncertainty. 

Within weeks of the simulation, Stock Legal was not blindsided by the nationwide shut-down due to COVID-19. They were prepared and ready to act proactively to the problem instead of reactively like their competitors. 

In Q2 of 2020, CNTRD oversaw the first steps in a phased rollout of an optimal growth strategy that uniquely capitalized on current resources without causing the firm to make major structural changes. The program is still in its infancy. Projections indicate a minimum of 2.5x return (in marketing) by Q1 of 2021. CNTRD was recently awarded a new scope with Stock Legal: redesign and rebrand existing service products to be more in line with the new growth strategy.