A Complex Team Requires Knowledge in Each Domain.


Lean Operations

CNTRD’s diverse and vetted partnership network allows the client to purchase services without unnecessary bells and whistles.

Cohesive Deliverable

CNTRD emphasizes a common vocabulary and process among the network partners to provide a cohesive deliverable.

Customized Service

Only after understanding the problem, CNTRD puts together the right team for the problem.

Challenge & Opportunity

CNTRD is designed to be flexible and effective with their client’s resources. Instead of carrying employees that need to be utilized, CNTRD’s network partnership allows clients to deal with their problems head-on at the right scale, capacity, and agility.

CNTRD helps clients trim unnecessary vendor waste through the relationships and economies of their network scale. The members in CNTRD’s network deliver efficiency over time without sacrificing the necessary creative processes and resources that drive novel innovation.  

CNTRD is known for managing multiple streams of information coming from different stakeholders in order to assure the quality of the project. We use a qualitative and quantitative model to search, sort, and match the network to the client’s problem(s). We operate the network as a critical path supply chain. This reduces costs for our clients and improves our ability to use our “network effect” to boost the sorting of useful information and the development of novel ideas. 

The end result is a high-value, efficient process, and increased ROI for our clients. CNTRD’s consortium model is a reimagined version of a distributed workforce where we use lean operations and supply chain science to enhance innovation. See our case studies to see the results of CNTRD’s network configurations on our clients.