We Have a Product but We Don’t Fully Understand Market Fit. Help!


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Increased Competitive Advantage

Developed new service products, brand positioning, and partnerships.


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Increased Capability 

Enhanced ability to deliver integrated digital marketing services through a new service operations model. 

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Increased Competency

Integrated new strategy, brand, and service design knowledge through rapid prototyping. 

Challenge & Opportunity

This was CNTRD’s first client. We are still grateful to and enjoy a warm, creative, and humorous relationship to this day. Hired by the eccentric, creative, and highly visionary CEO of SCORCH, CNTRD and SCORCH rapidly moved through some serious challenges and problems that needed addressing. From operational first aid to growth strategy and service redesign, CNTRD enjoyed a diverse set of problems under SCORCH. Under the CEO’s leadership, CNTRD enjoyed a significant degree of trust and latitude to experiment with changes.

Eventually, CNTRD and SCORCH were pitching and winning new business based on a newly prototyped service model. Our biggest joint-win under SCORCH’s leadership was Microsoft. SCORCH already had a long-standing stable, effective, and credited relationship with Microsoft. CNTRD offered the ability to scale into new lines of business using the newly designed “integrated digital marketing service model.” CNTRD and SCORCH reconfigured Microsoft’s content supply chain between the B2B marketing/sales hub in Seattle. 


The work led to SCORCH being able to scale the service model to additional clients. The success of highly vibrant and creative collaboration led to CNTRD supporting SCORCH in organizational design planning, brand repositioning, and internal innovation efforts. We have a lot of love for SCORCH and their leadership team, especially their CEO.