Partnership Leads to the Development of Services Such as Quantitive Futures, Digital Transformation, and Behavior Assessment.


Complex Scenario Tools

BWS’s knowledge of futuring and strategic foresight combined with CNTRD’s experience in scenario planning and economics led to the development of strategic and complex decisions.

Socially Integrated Technology

CNTRD complemented BWS’s knowledge of institutions and human interactions with their network of technology partners to ensure tech adoption.

Agile Turnover

CNTRD’s focus partnership allowed fast work with short deadlines with BWS’s projects.

Challenge & Opportunity

BigWideSky is a regional boutique agency known for its unconventional approach to marketing consulting. CNTRD has worked closely with BWS on multiple projects with different levels of complexity.

Often the problems CNTRD and BWS encountered were ambiguous and lacked clear problem identification. The problems spanned across marketing, brand, sales, data, technology, and organizational behavior. CNTRD and BWS, as a team, complemented one another in developing tools and tactics to uncover the root-cause problems that create ambiguity. For example, on the USB project (see USB case study), BWS’s institutional knowledge and specialization in relationship management and organizational narratives, coupled with CNTRD’s scientific (evidence-based) approach enabled our group to identify media waste. Once we identified the problem, we then designed a digital transformation program with flexibility and scale that measured media value and reduced media supply chain waste.

While on other engagements together, CNTRD’s experience with other network partners (data scientists, technologists, and developers) helped the BWS team work during extreme time constraints and through uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity. As a collaborative group, we helped our clients move from lack of clarity to clear, pragmatic solutions that were both novel and useful. During our time with BWS, we helped prototype over a dozen new service products. Three of these service products were deployed in market, with immediate attributable ROI for BWS. Additionally, CNTRD helped drive account level innovation across multiple service lines and client accounts (see Woodard Case).