The Signs and Symptoms of Flatlined Growth Point to Marketing, but Marketing Alone will not Solve the Problem.


40% Increase in Website Traffic

Designed new creative media plan targeting user journey.

3x ROI on Media Spend

Media partner drove down CPAs.

Improved Ranking

Using the new content strategy, we increased competitive ranking with a competitive set.

Challenge & Opportunity

CNTRD was referred to the CEO of Appointlink—a niche Saas company serving the higher education industry. The company is divided into three distinct product lines each with its own brand and business model. One of their key product lines, SEATgen, began to experience slowed growth.

The signals of decline caused the firm to ask CNTRD to “develop” a marketing lead generation program. CNTRD engaged in due-diligence to diagnose the cause of slowing sales. We uncovered new entrants with new features, cutting-edge brands, content marketing programs, and investment in paid media. Our client’s product had become less competitive and attractive as new players bought up all the direct and related search traffic, decreasing their search-generated leads.

CNTRD identified the factors causing the slowdown in sales using design thinking (user-centered research), competitive audit, financial modeling, and strategy workshops with executives and the Board Director. We then conducted multiple rounds of scenario planning to explore real options for strategic change. CNTRD reframed the problem as a “product” and “strategy” innovation project. Once the project was completed, it would be supported by lead generation via a content marketing program.

Based on our findings, CNTRD generated new Feature & Functions recommendations, and updated brand identity, strategy, and the marketing operations model. We then prioritized an optimization plan and mapped a complementary growth strategy with a measurable ROI. This high-impact project was completed in six weeks. 

CNTRD then transferred the marketing model to one of our digital marketing partners, StreadyRain. They expanded on CNTRD’s model and developed the new website, email triggers, SEO/PPC, social media, paid media program, and executed media performance metrics.