The goal of
recovery is not just
about surviving, but thriving.

CNTRD is atypical consulting. We are lean by-design. Network based. Rigor obsessed.

Executives bring us their stickiest problems and most aspirational visions across strategy, marketing, sales, brand and operations. They expect speedy diagnosis, rapid ideation and practical solutions. So we live by the scientific methodology, find comfort in adaptation and privilege wild imagination.

Through our tested consortium model, executives leave with solutions, relationships and models to achieve an edge with their strategy, products and behavior.



Selected Clients

CNTRD offers five types of business design services for growth minded executives: (1) strategy, (2) product, (3) behavioral, (4) brand, and (5) connected. Services are hypothesis-driven, evidence-based, and condition-specific. We deploy an interdisciplinary toolbox spanning: strategy science, lean management, innovation science, cognitive science and behavioral economics.

Strategy Design

Increase strategic options for growing, generating value or reducing costs.

Product Design

Develop or change products, services and experiences to increase market adoption and retention.

Behavior Design

Increase the value of human capital behavior across decision making, process and culture.

Brand Design

Visual, strategic and operational alignment for sustained competitive advantage.

Connected Design

Improved strategic advantage through designing and scaling connections between people, planet and economics.
CNTRD Symbology


Kevin Farr

Founder & Managing Partner
"That totally makes sense - what if we design it like this?"

Michael Hsiung

Founder & Managing Partner
"Before going any deeper into the rabbit hole, what problem are we trying to solve?"

Alex Alden

Head of Design Research
"I know there is an invisible net between all of us, an internet, we just need to discover it.”



Since 2017, CNTRD rapidly solves client problems using the science of innovation and principles of lean operations. Our nimble, vetted, project-based network proves to be more speedy, cost-effective, and practical in customizing solutions.